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Guest Access

Last modified at 2/3/2015 4:04 PM by Michael LeefersPVT

Guest Access​


CalShare offers several ways to allow guest access.

  1. Anonumouse access can be enabled to allow unauthenticated accesss to public data.

  2. CalShare is integrated with the CalNet Guest Account Porcess

    • To create a guest account click on the following link

    • More Information on the CalNet Guest Account process can be found at the following URL

      • Note that any account created with the CalNet Guest Account process will not have any access to secure data in CalShare by default.  Once the account is created a user with the appropriate permissions for a CalShare Site, List or Library will need to grant this new user account access.

      • The user will not be able to authenticate to CalShare until they follow the link sent to them via email during the CalNet Guest Account creation and complete the account creation process.
        Please note this new process is no longer a part of CalShare, but instead is a Service offering by the CalNet Group.

  3. CalShare is utilizing Active Directory Federated Services offer by the CalNetAD Team. With this techhology CalShare has the ablity to federate with other UC's or institutions and leverage their authentication systems.