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Last modified at 2/3/2015 4:02 PM by Michael LeefersPVT

​Who to contact?


CalShare has a delegated support model. This means that the CalShare Service Administrators do not have authority to access or grant access to any sites that have been delegated out to groups, departments or users on campus. Typically the sites that have been delegated out will have a URL that begins with

If you have any general questions, technical problems or issues accessing a specific CalShare site please contact the Site Administrator of the site in question. This generally would be the person who granted you access to the site. For a list of all Top Level Site Collection Administrators click Here

If you are a Site Administrator for a top level site and are requesting assistance send an email to

If you have any general questions about CalShare or the CalShare Portal Site, please check out all the information on the Resources tab of CalShare. If you still can not locate the information you are looking for or just need to contact the CalShare Service Administrators please feel free to contact us at